When preparing to give a talk about Retrofit (Android lib), the idea of a friend about making a simple app that would load NASA's Astronomy Picture Of The Day (APOD) seemed very good as an example and simple code to open source so the audience could see the library in action. The app was called NasaPic, and from that simple v1, published at Google Play and with it's source available at GitHub, I've developed new features, material design, tested a better internal organization, learned how to use notifications and several other apis. It's been much more fun and interesting as a learning experience than I've imagined.

NasaPic Version Comparison

At this moment, v3.0 has the following features:

  • List of recent APOD released by NASA with picture and some info;
  • List of hand-picked great APODs;
  • Pan/Zoom APOD in details screen;
  • Set APOD as your wallpaper in details screen;
  • Configure the app to user the latest APOD as wallpaper every day;
  • Undo latest wallpaper change from the app's notification;
  • Request for info and images cache;

I'm not planning on making a real product of it (not even sure if I could, given I'm using a public free api from NASA), but I still have a lot of ideas to make it more useful to users. As long as it is fun and I feel I'm practicing/learning from it, we'll see more versions of it being released.

Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=br.com.dgimenes.nasapic
GitHub: https://github.com/danielgimenes/NasaPic

NasaPic promo image