I've been studying Scrum lately and, I always like to make notes on a notebook of rules that I find not intuitive, are very important or that I've missed in a mock exam. I've taken the Scrum Open and Scrum Developer Open assessments of scrum.org (https://www.scrum.org/Assessments/Open-Assessments) and found that there are some important points that I've missed while reading the Scrum Guide (https://www.scrum.org/Scrum-Guide).

So here are my notes. I hope they help someone who reads this.

Scrum rules to remember:

  • The ProductBacklog is a responsability of the Product Owner (PO) and the Development Team (DevTeam), while the SprintBacklog is responsability only of the DevTeam;
  • "Technical Debt" are eventual consequences of poor technical choices;
  • The Scrum Master is responsible for assuring the Scrum Daily meetings happen, but the DevTeam members are the only that MUST be on it;
  • The definition of "Done" varies between projects, and CAN include User Stories (remember: Scrum is NOT ONLY for software development);
  • If the DevTeam finds out that not all work of the current SprintBacklog can be done until the Sprint end, it must warn the Scrum Master immediatelly, and review and adjust the Sprint with the PO;
  • A Sprint begins immediatelly after the previous ends (and not after the Sprint Planning);
  • "Sprint Zero" is a myth. Does not exists;
  • There is NO role of Project Manager in Scrum;
  • "Architectural Spike" is a quick development activity whose purpose is learn and "prove" a proposed architecture. Like a POC of the technology and structure/organisation;
  • The system architecture is responsability of the whole DevTeam;