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Android Software Engineer from São Paulo

I have worked as a Software Developer for the last 9 years, focusing on Android Development for the last 3. My passion for building effective and high quality products have guided me through big companies and startups in Brazil, and now I'm ready for new challenges. Currently I've been on consultancy and freelance jobs, but I am actively looking for a position on a company where I can contribute to advance a product to greatness.


9 years of professional experience building and designing software products for big companies and startups. Focusing on Android for the last 3 years


Delivered 7 apps used by thousands of users including B2C, B2B and pet-projects. Currently have 4 apps available at Google Play store and more being built


BSc Computer Science from Centro Universitário da FEI at São Paulo, Brazil with a graduation project that won 2 awards at EXPOCOM 2010


More than 760h of English study including an interchange to Toronto, Canada in 2014 and some work experience with meetings and talks using English

Recent Projects

Geekie Lab

As part of an education tech product, the Geekie Lab app helps high school students to improve their grades through high quality video classes, exercises and homeworks assigned by the student's teachers. It has reached hundreds of thousands of students as a platform, and since the app's first release at 2015, it saw an increase on the satisfaction and NPS scores related to the platform.

I've worked on this app from the very first version, and then through a year of improvements and tests to evolve the company's product. The app was developed using Java and some common third party libraries, and later rewritten in Kotlin.

Geekie Games

One of Geekie's education products, Geekie Games is a platform designed to help students learn and practice for the brazilian national exam (ENEM) required to get to most universities at the country. The app was developed in mid-2015 and has reached millions of users so far. It also participated as one of the official tools for ENEM preparation pointed by the brazilian government in 2016.

I've worked on the first versions of the app in 2015, and evolved it during a couple of months before changing teams and starting to work on the Geekie Lab app.

WalkRun Interval Training

The Android app WalkRun is a pet-project that I designed and built in mid-2016. It is meant to help runners that are interested in interval trainings, where you alternate walking and running to achieve great results (from calories loss to overall running performance increase). The current version of it allows notifies users about when to start walking or running through vibrating and voice messages (on earphones) according to the configured training.

I have designed and built WalkRun by myself as a pet-project. The app was evolved to a state where it attends it's intended purpose, and although I have ideas on how to improve it further, there is no schedule for future versions so far.


All music students eventually need a metronome, and although there are several apps released with this functionality, most of them have lag issues and some lack useful features such as saving 'presets' of tempo, time signature and practice duration for future easy access. Clickr was created to address these necessities.

The Clickr app was designed and built by myself as a pet-project in mid-2016. The app was built using the Kotlin language from the start, and is in finished state. It is monetized through ads and a 'pro version' in-app purchase that provides additional features to users.


A picture of space as your smartphone's wallpaper everyday. NasaPic is an app (and backend) that presents NASA's Pictures Of The Day to users and enables them to set the picture as wallpaper or let the app do it as soon as a new one is released.

The app was developed and release in mid-2015 as a pet-project and was available until mid-2016 at the Google Play store. It is in finished state (along with it's backend) and is an open-source project without ads or any monetization traits.

Recent Projects

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